About Seton Harvest


Seton Harvest is a community-supported agriculture initiative sponsored by the Daughters of Charity Province of St. Louise. The certified Naturally Grown farm uses the land in a just and environmentally conscious way by sharing locally grown food with shareholders and persons who are financially poor and hungry in our community. 


In 2021, Seton Harvest harvested 41,114 pounds of produce with 8,399 pounds of produce donated to many shelters, food banks, and church pantries. A portion of each week’s harvest goes directly to nearly a dozen different charities serving the poor and hungry including: 



Since our first growing season in 2006, Seton Harvest has harvested 631,691 pounds and donated 141,827 pounds of fresh, naturally grown produce.

Meet the Core Group!


The Seton Harvest Core Group is a representative body of individuals who meet numerous times throughout the year to plan the many aspects of the farm's operations.

The present Core Group members are:

Sister Theresa Peck D.C., Sister Maureen Houlihan D.C., Sister Marilyn Moore D.C., Sister Catherine Brown D.C., Paul Leingang, Jean Barr, Paulene Bartek, Barbara Rodenberg, Deavron Farmer, Charlotte Salmon, Joe Schalasky, Mary Wildeman, Davie Sue Wallace-Litov, Dr. Richard Litov, Julie Dietz, Amy Montz, Anthony Rintala,  Joyce Powell, Jim Wiekel, Julie Deeg, Maggie Dye and Ron Diersing.