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CSA Farming 

A CSA is a farm dividing up all its produce among a committed group of supporters who share with the farmer the risks and benefits of farming. Throughout the growing season, the farm harvests fresh ripe crops that are divided equally among the shareholders. The shareholders are community members who pay the farmer an annual membership fee to cover the production costs of the farm. In turn, shareholders receive a weekly “share” of the harvest. A share is generally enough for a family of four.

The price of a share for a season varies depending on each farm’s cost of operation, total months of a growing season, variety of crops and the productivity of the soil.

Seton Harvest is a Certified Naturally Grown Farm 


We are pleased to announce that Seton Harvest is now a Certified Naturally Grown farm. Certified Naturally Grown is an independent agency out of Stone Ridge, New York. To be accepted into the certification program, candidates must complete a detailed application and undergo an annual farm inspection by a third party expert. Each farm must also submit a Grower Declaration which demonstrates a commitment to the following standards and practices:


  • Absolutely no use of synthetic chemical insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers on our crops or fields.


  • Minimal and careful use of even organically approved soil amendments and sprays.


  • Care for our soil, water and air quality with crop rotations, cover crops, protective buffer strips and ecologically sustainable farming practices.


  • No use of chemically treated or Genetically Modified seeds.


  • Sanitary post-harvest practices including proper transport, storage and the use of only potable water for the washing of produce.


  • A commitment to strive in every way to pass on the land and surrounding environment in an even better condition than it was passed on to us.

Benefits of CSA Farming 


The Shareholders:


  • ​receive fresh vegetables and herbs available on the day of harvest.

  • pay close to supermarket prices for fresher produce.

  • know where and how their food is grown, as well as who grows it.

  • become more aware of their relationship to the land, farming and the process that makes our lives possible. 


The Farmer:


  • ​is given the opportunity to make a viable income by growing food in a responsible and harmonious way, directly supported by the consumer (no middleman).

  • has the pleasure of knowing who the produce is going to.

  • experiences a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of the land and the environment.


The Community:


  • benefits by the preservation of open spaces and the maintenance of an important agricultural component that is rapidly being consumed by development and industry.

  • is strengthened by the bringing together of people who share healthy concerns about our future.

  • gets an economic boost when food dollars remain within the community rather than supporting out-of-state corporations.


The Earth:


  • is protected from the environmental costs associated with the transport, processing and distribution of food as the consumption of fossil fuels is significantly reduced.

  • is preserved from development.

  • and the environment is protected from harmful farming practices, including the use of herbicides and pesticides.

  • is nurtured into a fertile, bountiful land.



           For more information about Certified Naturally Grown, go to:

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