Seton Harvest Events


The farm is very active in the community.  Check out more information about the types of outreach programs and the upcoming events calendar.

Community Outreach

Seton Harvest offers a range of educational and outreach programs for both youth and adults. We provide field trips, cooking classes, on-site visits and a variety of public events that enable the community to exprience and learn from the farm.


Contact Julie Dietz to have Seton Harvest visit your company, church or school function.


812-963-7692 office

812-470-6597 cell


Field Trips to and From the Farm

Seton Harvest offers school students the opportunity to journey into the fields and learn about growing food, farming and the relationship both activities have to the land. The hands-on curriculum is organized to make use of small groups, allowing each child to get their hands dirty durning each activity, including:

Compost/soil investigation

Seed planting

Plant parts

Food Web: The interconnectedness of forest and farm food chains

Field trips are for all ages of school students, elementary, middle, high school and college. The cost per student is a donation of $4.00. 

Health Fairs

Health fairs are a great way for Seton Harvest to educate the community about the care of the earth, sustainablity, naturally grown produce and eating healthy. 


Please contact Julie Dietz at 812-963-7692 if your church, school or company has a health fair scheduled. 

Earth Day

The Earth is a living being, and the actions of every individual have an effect on the whole. The soil is the basis of all human life and the quality of its care and health affect not only the people who eat the food today, but also those who will depend on the soil in the future. Even though less than 1% of our population is engaged in farming, the proper tending of the environment is the concern and responsibility of every individual. It is in the consumer's interest that farmers are supported so that they can grow the highest quality, most nutritious food while preserving the highest environmental quality and soil health.


Earth Day is a great way for Seton Harvest to display how we care for Mother Earth. 


Please contact Julie Dietz at 812-963-7692 if your church, school or company has an Earth Day event that you would like Seton Harvest to be a part of.


Twilight Dinners

The Twilight Dinners will take place on the farm of Seton Harvest on the West side of Evansville under our Education Shelter and will feature a sit-down FARM-TO-TABLE dinner created by Culinary Innovations and beverages from Working Distributors.  The atmosphere on the farm at twilight is absolutely magical with the addition of white lights, natural centerpieces and trimmings, and soft music.


Refreshments served by Working Distributors will begin at 6:00 p.m. with dinner being served at 6:45 p.m.


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