Eastham Flower Farm offers flower shares to shareholders

During these uncertain times, we all need something that will make our hearts happy, bring a smile to our faces and brighten our homes. What a better way to do that than with a flower share to go along with your produce? We are excited to partner with EASTHAM FLOWER FARM to offer flower shares again this year. Below is a short bio about their farm. 


Eastham Farm is a hidden gem in eastern Warrick County supplying beautiful, locally grown flowers to the Tri-Sate area. The farm was started in 2015, by Jon and Emily Eastham, as a third generation, eleven-acre farm. They grow a variety of annuals and perennials, raise chickens, and have recently added a young lamb named Molly. Their flowers are sold at farmers markets, to local florists and are used in weddings throughout the Tri-State area.

In 2019, they opened their farm to agritourism, hosting U-Pick events and inviting photographers to use their farm as a setting for their photography clients. During the U-Pick days, customers visit the farm and, for a flat fee, can cut their own bucket of flowers to take home and enjoy for days.  Multiple photographers use the flowers, farm setting, and large sunflower field as their backdrop for many different types of photos.


This year, Eastham Flower Farm will be offering 3 different shares that will be delivered to Seton Harvest ready for you at your designated pick-up (Farm or Epworth Crossing).


  • 4-Week Flower Share - beautiful bouquet every week for 4 weeks.

  • 8-Week Bi-Weekly Share - beautiful bouquet every other week for 8 weeks

  • 8-Week Flower Share - beautiful bouquet every week for 8 weeks


It is vital to our community that we stay strong and support each other. Please join us in supporting our friends, Eastham Flower Farm. Visit www.easthamflowerfarm.com to purchase YOUR flower share!

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